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Post-Mortem Acquisition

Western Digital hard drive analysisIn digital forensics analysis, post-mortem acquisition is the process of recovering deleted data from a device which is disconnected from its power source.

This is the most common form of computer forensics acquisition when dealing with desktop computers and laptops. Typically, the hard drive is removed from the powered-down computer, plugged into a write-blocker and cloned bit-for-bit onto a blank drive.

The rule of thumb in computer forensic analysis says if a device is on leave it on, and if it’s off leave it off.

Post-mortem acquisition can also refer to cloning optical media like CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs, and flash storage like USB thumbsticks or memory cards.

Investigations are typically performed on cloned information to safeguard against critical errors which might destroy evidence. To ensure the integrity of the copied data allowing it to be admitted as legal evidence, hash values are used to verify exact duplication.

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