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Smartphone on table at cafe by two cups of coffeeChances are, you own a smartphone. More than 64% of Americans do, and the worldwide smartphone adoption rate is expected to triple between 2014 and 2020. You might wonder what makes a smartphone "smart". While low-end feature phones do provide some access to the internet and popular social media, smartphones are purpose-built for internet access and functionality for downloaded apps.

They are essentially supercomputers you carry around in your pocket.

Generally speaking, tablets are larger versions of smartphones with greater computing power, but no access to your provider’s cell phone or texting network.

Many newer tablets, particularly the Windows Surface line, are at least as powerful as most standard laptops.

In addition to the Surface, popular brands of smartphones and tablets includes Apples’ iPhone and iPad, Samsung’s Galaxy S and Note series of phones and Tab series tablet, and Microsoft’s Nokia phones.

Apple’s products all run on the iOS operating system, Microsoft’s phone and tablets run on scaled versions of Windows, while the rest of the smartphone and tablet market is dominated by Google’s Android operating system.

The Galaxy Note series and Apple iPhone 6 Plus are a type of large-screen smartphone combining tablet size with cell phone connectivity which has come to be called a phablet.

Because they typically contain a person’s most private data, smartphones and tablets have a tremendous amount of digital forensics value. They track a person's location with GPS technology, providing a pinpoint of where and when actions were taken while using the device.

We can recover deleted text messages, photos and even find passwords to social media stored on smartphones and tablets.


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