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Wisconsin Private Detective Agency Digs Up Employee Dirt

Western Digital hard drive Wisconsin forensic analysisYou’ve worked hard to build your business from the ground up, you’ve been successful enough to hire some employees, and then hire some more.

You treat your employees with respect and the common understanding that you are all working toward the same goal: helping your business flourish. It’s more than reasonable for you to expect your employees to treat their jobs with the same level of respect.

Everyone is prone to mistakes from time to time, but what about when employee misconduct is intentional?

If you’re wrong and don’t have the proof, there are legal protections in place for workers which could cost you a lot of money, not to mention a good employee. Spindletop Investigations is the Milwaukee private investigator you can count on, with the expertise in employee conduct you need to discover the truth.

Find Out if Your Employee is Stealing

Everyone has a clear idea taking something which doesn’t belong to you is stealing, and most people know this kind of behavior is wrong. Still, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners says more than $3 trillion is lost to fraud worldwide every year.

This number only takes into account actual lost revenues, and doesn’t factor in other ways your employees might be stealing from you, including wasted time and misuse of company property.

No matter how technologically savvy your employees are, there’s a good chance they’ve left an incriminating digital paper trail on the computers and mobile devices your company owns. Spindletop Investigations can determine whether or not your employee is misusing company computers shortly after receiving the hard drives or mobile devices they use.

Digital Forensics Investigation for Employee Monitoring

Spindletop Investigations uses the latest industry-standard hardware and software computer forensics systems to recover all of the data, bit by bit, from Windows or Mac-based hard drives, iPhones, iPads, or Android and Windows-based phones and tablets. Even deleted pictures, e-mails and documents, browser history and cookies can be recovered as evidence.

Even if you already suspect an employee of misusing their time and equipment while on the clock, having proof of their misconduct in your back pocket is the difference between safely firing them with cause, being forced to pay unemployment, or dealing with an expensive wrongful termination suit.

Spindletop Investigations will never tell you how to run your business, but we will gather the information you need to make the best decision for the future of your company.

Wisconsin FMLA Abuse and Insurance Fraud Investigator

Wisconsin Private Detective Surveillance

The Family and Medical Leave Act protects every employee’s right to care for sick or injured family members without the risk of losing their job. Abuse of FMLA has existed since the beginning of the law, but it has come into sharp focus recently.

A top DNR official in Illinois was forced to resign among FMLA abuse allegations. More alarmingly, eighty NYPD and NYFD first responders who took early retirement under FMLA provisions were found to have taken millions of dollars in 9/11-related disability pension programs.

The pension scam was only a small part of a scheme investigators fear could involve more than 1,000 former city employees who have stolen as much as $400 million since 1988.

Events like these become newsworthy because, ultimately, they were stealing from taxpayers. Common abuse of the law takes place in almost every business. It might not make headlines, but it’s still stealing.

Schemes to commit worker’s comp and insurance fraud often involve a third party who will facilitate the lie.

Crooked doctors will write a false diagnosis, or a lawyer will coach clients to display signs of an injury which doesn’t exist. Insurance fraud and FMLA abuse scams are best exposed by a private investigator who knows how scammers operate.

Spindletop Investigations has years of experience uncovering insurance fraud and FMLA abuse. No matter how careful or well-coached a scammer might be, eventually they will slip up.

Spindletop will be there to document their mistake, giving you the leverage to take appropriate action.

Workers Comp and Insurance Fraud Warning Signs

There are some tell-tale signs fraud or abuse is taking place. Indications of FMLA abuse include employees who use FMLA days selectively, often coinciding with weekends and holidays, or those who will take FMLA time on days they were denied vacation.

Workers comp and insurance fraud red flags include injuries which occur just before a planned layoff or at the end of seasonal work, ones which occur with no witnesses, and an employee’s history of making injury claims.

There are more warning signs, of course, but fraud is most often discovered as the result of a tip from another employee.

While you may be resigned to think some fraud and abuse is simply part of doing business, allowing it to go on unchecked will only cause the problem to grow, digging deeper into your bottom line. When your employees take advantage of your business, they are also taking advantage of their coworkers. Someone has to pick up the slack for the missing worker, and the lost revenue and higher insurance premiums will cut into their income, as well, as your business won’t be able to pay out raises it otherwise would have.

In the worst case, a business might be forced to reduce staff or cut hours because of excessive abuses. Those costs are passed on the consumer, as well, and oftentimes directly to taxpayers.

Fraud hurts everyone in some way, and stopping it begins with hiring the right FMLA abuse and insurance fraud investigator.

Legal Employee Monitoring Provides Certainty and Security

Milwaukee Private Detective Agency

You and your employees depend upon one another, and it’s important to know you can trust them to come to work when they are able, and focus on their work while they’re being paid for it. When an employee takes advantage of that trust, it results in everyone else losing money.

Lost productivity, higher insurance premiums and wage and hiring freezes hurt everyone in your business from the top down. Don’t let insurance fraud and FMLA abuse drag your business down.

Hire the Milwaukee private investigator who knows where to dig to find the truth.

Private Investigations Conducted with Discretion and Accountability

Spindletop Investigations will maintain full confidentiality in perpetuity for each of our clients in all cases. The only exceptions to this policy will be when the client has explicitly given consent to share pertinent details, or when required by law.

We are legally and morally bound to report any evidence of child pornography or sexual crimes against children to law enforcement.All confidentiality policies and disclosures will be fully discussed before agreement is made to start any investigation.

Contact Spindletop Investigations for a free consultation of Milwaukee private detective services, including video surveillance and digital forensics, to ensure your employees are playing by the rules.

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CONFIDENTIALITY DISCLAIMER All information obtained during the course of an investigation will remain confidential and solely between the investigator, Spindletop Investigations, LLC, and the client. However, private investigators are legally required to report any instances of child pornography or sexual crimes against children. Spindletop Investigations may choose to report other potentially serious crimes if they involve the risk of the loss of life. Spindletop Investigations will not pursue any unrelated leads outside the agreed upon scope of the investigation. As part of the consultation, Spindletop Investigations will work with the client in advance to fully define the scope of the investigation as well as all legal exceptions to our confidentiality agreement.

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