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Milwaukee Private Detective Fees and Pricing

Milwaukee Private Investigator Rates Vary

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Call for a Detailed Quote

For detailed pricing specifically tailored to your individual situation, contact Spindletop Investigations for a free quote. We will never exceed our quoted price without further consultation and approval from you, the client.

Use the following prices as a general guideline for our full range of professional private investigation services.

The cost to hire a private detective agency depends on the complexity of the investigation, but we strive to provide affordable rates for all of our clients.

Talk is cheap, let Spindletop Investigations show you why we’re Milwaukee’s best private detective agency.

Private Investigations Conducted Confidentially

Spindletop Investigations will never divulge any details of your case without first obtaining explicit consent from you, our client, except when required by law.

Situations which require us to notify law enforcement include the discovery of child pornography or evidence of sexual abuse against a child.

Your privacy is primary concern. We will never pursue any leads which fall outside the scope of our investigation. Spindletop Investigations will make sure you are aware of all our legal responsibilities before any agreement to begin an investigation is reached.

Computer Forensics and Private Investigator Rates

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Data Acquisition

The time required to for a computer forensics analyst to acquire stored information will vary depending upon the size, type and number of devices or media being analyzed. A CD might only take a few minutes, while large hard drives can take several hours. This is only the beginning of the process, so an allowance must be considered for the overall scope of the case and subsequent costs. During this time, we’ll discuss the scope and key facts of the investigation, which will help determine the next steps.

Media acquisition and triage including travel time - $75.00/hr

Forensic Analysis

Analysis is the backbone of digital forensics. Skilled digital forensic examiners will discover information which will be useful in almost type of any investigation. To ensure the best use of time and money, analysis won’t begin until we’ve fully discussed and agreed upon the scope of the investigation.

By narrowing down the precise information you’re looking for, the time spent in analysis will be greatly reduced. Forensic analysis will recover hidden or deleted files and folders, e-mails, photographs, financial records and more.

Forensic analysis of acquired media - $175.00/hr

Final Report

The final report will summarize all findings in clear, concise language in your preferred format, whether that be a PDF, Word document or HTML. Additional printing costs may apply if the client requests a hard copy of the final report.

Final report - $150.00

Family Intervention Special

It can be difficult to always know what your children are doing online, especially when they have access to internet-enabled smartphone and devices.

For families who want to keep children safe from online predators, Spindletop Investigations provides an affordable flat-rate service, which includes the full acquisition, analysis and final report for a home or personal computer of all online activity and chat logs, including deleted internet browser history.

Family intervention - Starting at $600.00 for simple cases

Man holding camera surveillance private detective agency


Sometimes the best way to get to the truth is through old-school physical surveillance, and Spindletop Investigations has a track record of success and delivering results when on the trail.

We do our homework and use the best tools to put ourselves in position to get the information we need.

Physical surveillance of employees and spouses can assist investigations into infidelity, worker’s comp or FMLA fraud investigations, and parental fitness for child custody cases. 

While we pride ourselves on our high rate of success, physical surveillance is not an exact science. Unpredictable real world situations can have an effect on the successful outcome of surveillance.

Physical surveillance - $75.00/hr
Mileage - $0.50/mile
Final report and Video DVD - $100.00

Additional hotel costs for surveillance requiring more than 2 hours of travel outside Milwaukee

Background and Social Media Report

Spindletop can provide detailed background and social media reports on individuals. The background report will include previous addresses, known associates and relatives, court filings and vehicle information. Social network reports detail which online social media the subject may be using.

Background and social network report - $75.00

Expert Testimony

The best expert testimony is the kind which takes detailed, technical concepts and explains it to a judge or jury in concise, easy-to-understand terms. Spindletop Investigations will back up any Wisconsin legal investigation with testimony to support our findings.

Because of the slow nature of the court system, a 3-hour minimum is required for court appearances.

Expert Testimony - $150.00/hr

Remember, these rates for Milwaukee private investigator services are guidelines. For a free quote specifically tailored to the details of your case, contact Spindletop Investigations today.
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CONFIDENTIALITY DISCLAIMER All information obtained during the course of an investigation will remain confidential and solely between the investigator, Spindletop Investigations, LLC, and the client. However, private investigators are legally required to report any instances of child pornography or sexual crimes against children. Spindletop Investigations may choose to report other potentially serious crimes if they involve the risk of the loss of life. Spindletop Investigations will not pursue any unrelated leads outside the agreed upon scope of the investigation. As part of the consultation, Spindletop Investigations will work with the client in advance to fully define the scope of the investigation as well as all legal exceptions to our confidentiality agreement.

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