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Milwaukee Legal Investigator Helps Crack the Case

Trust a Professional Investigator, not a Paralegal

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When it comes to matters of the law, having accurate information is everything. Whether you are in litigation or negotiation, the side with the best information automatically has a head start.

You have a lot of experience and skill in research, but there are specialized services your firm simply isn’t equipped to execute or process.

Some firms will even assign legal investigation to inexperienced paralegals.

This might sound like the cheap option, but shorting yourself from getting the best services available and relying on the least-qualified individuals within your firm will cost you in the long run, as the number of failed cases and lost settlements mount.

Court-Admissible Proof from Reliable Legal Investigators

Spindletop Investigations is a Milwaukee private investigator experienced in working with law firms, court proceedings and providing testimony. We operate within the boundaries of legal discovery because we know inadmissible evidence is as useful to you as no evidence at all. The computer forensics tools we employ are the industry standard, producing results which are accepted in courtrooms around the world. We have years of experience in the field of legal investigation, collecting physical and surveillance evidence as directed by our clients.

Our comprehensive knowledge of legal investigations means when the time comes to tell a judge or jury about our findings, we will do so in a way that is clear and concise.

Milwaukee Private Investigator for Divorce, Defense and Legal Aid

Divorce and defense attorneys turn to Spindletop Investigations to gather the information they need to present their side’s case to the judge.

Divorce attorneys in Wisconsin use our private detective agency to find out if a spouse has been living with another person, has been trying to hide assets to affect the amount of maintenance or child support payments, or if they are an unfit parent for a custody hearing.

As a defense attorney, you know prosecutors have a big advantage over you: an entire police department partisan to helping convict your client. You need a private investigator to help you conduct your own criminal defense investigation.

Private investigators routinely find cracks in the police investigation and uncover critical information which can help prove your client’s innocence.

Wisconsin Personal Injury Fraud Investigation

Personal injury and insurance fraud is rampant. Many of the injury lawyers you see on TV every day have discovered insurance companies are quick to settle, and are counting on them not to investigate bogus claims.

If your client feels someone is trying to cash in by inflating or inventing a minor or non-existent injury, Spindletop Investigations has the experience to find the truth and expose these frauds.

Digital Forensics and E-Discovery for Wisconsin Law Firms

Western Digital hard drive forensic analysis

Digital assets like hard drives, USB thumbsticks, mobile phones and tablets or CDs and DVDs often contain a trove of data which can tilt a legal proceeding in your client’s favor.

Accessing this crucial information is not as simple as wading through the files and folders with File Explorer or Finder. In fact, doing this alters the contents of the drive, which could potentially make any evidence discovered inadmissible.

It takes specialized hardware and software along with dedicated and continual training to recover hidden or deleted data, and to do so in a way courts worldwide will accept.

Spindletop Investigations employs equipment and software from the most trusted names in digital forensics, like Digital Intelligence, AccessData, and Cellebrite. Combined with our ACE and CCFE-certified training, these tools allow us to create bit-by-bit replicas of Windows and Mac-based hard drives, iPhones and iPads, Android and Windows-based smartphones and tablets, even some GPS navigation devices.

From those replicas, we extract and piece together the files and fragments which the user believed to be deleted and gone forever.

Photos, deleted e-mails and text messages, financial records, even travel itineraries can be recovered, along with the timestamp, and sometimes the geolocation, of when and where they were created and flagged for deletion.

Knowing when and where file actions were made can sometimes be as important as the information contained within, as that knowledge can be used to frame intent when aligned with corresponding evidence.

For example, a spouse who has been served divorce papers may try to hide assets by deleting hidden financial records. Finding those assets before maintenance is established is important, but proving intent to hide those assets can be equally damaging to your opponent’s side.

What Information Can Digital Forensics Recover?

First, it’s important to note computers have two ways of “remembering” things: memory and storage. “Storage” refers to stable forms systems like hard drives and writeable CDs and DVDs. When a user deletes a file or empties their recycle bin from storage, they are simply telling their operating system to no longer recognize the file.

In reality, the data is still there, printed to the drive in binary code, but with a flag that says if the drive runs out of empty space, this data can be overwritten. The job of a digital forensic analyst is to peel back the user interface to recover deleted files and e-mails.

With the expansive size of most hard drives these days, it’s likely the file may never be overwritten and simply sit in the drive forever, unrecognized by the operating system.

Two DIMMs of RAM stacked Milwaukee digital forensics

Most important files will be found in storage. These include:

  • Internet history
  • Browser cookies
  • Hidden documents and spreadsheets
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • E-mails

Memory, such as your computer’s onboard RAM, is much more volatile. Memory is not designed for permanent storage and requires an electrical current to retain information. Without this it will slowly decay. While analyzing the RAM is a more complicated process, it can be done, and the results can definitely be worth it.

Important information which could be stored in memory include:

  • User names and passwords
  • Instant messenger chat logs
  • IP addresses
  • List of running processes and programs
  • Registry keys in use
  • Decrypted files

Because memory is volatile, access to the running machine is necessary and can prove difficult. If you require analysis of information stored on a computer’s RAM, Spindletop Investigations will work with you to determine the logistics and feasibility of data capture on the machine in question.

Wisconsin Private Investigator for Lawyers

Spindletop Investigations is fully bonded and licensed with the State of Wisconsin. We understand the legal process and work completely within the scope of the investigation agreed upon with our clients.

Our Milwaukee detective agency produces court-admissible evidence and has the investigation expertise your firm lacks internally.

Don’t jeopardize the case by relying on your interns and paralegals, call a professional. Call Spindletop Investigations.

Client-Driven Investigations Conducted Confidentially

We will never begin an investigation before fully apprising our client of all pertinent disclosures.

Spindletop Investigations will maintain absolute confidentiality about the details of our investigations, including the identity of our clients, except in situations where we are legally bound to immediately inform law enforcement of our findings, or when explicit consent is granted on the part of the client.

For more information, refer to the Confidentiality Disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

Contact Spindletop Investigations for a Wisconsin legal investigator with experience uncovering evidence for law firms.
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CONFIDENTIALITY DISCLAIMER All information obtained during the course of an investigation will remain confidential and solely between the investigator, Spindletop Investigations, LLC, and the client. However, private investigators are legally required to report any instances of child pornography or sexual crimes against children. Spindletop Investigations may choose to report other potentially serious crimes if they involve the risk of the loss of life. Spindletop Investigations will not pursue any unrelated leads outside the agreed upon scope of the investigation. As part of the consultation, Spindletop Investigations will work with the client in advance to fully define the scope of the investigation as well as all legal exceptions to our confidentiality agreement.

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