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Digital Forensics for Law Enforcement

Milwaukee Private Investigator Helps Local Law Enforcement

Western digital hard drive analysis

The first things you think about digital forensics probably come from television police procedurals. Every TV cop drama these days has a tech specialist whose job is to crack open the digital egg and fry the suspect.

In real life, very few police departments can afford the investment into investigation-quality equipment and training, and even fewer can afford to have a dedicated digital forensic examiner on staff.

More than 80% of all police departments nationwide have no more than 25 officers, and many of them do not even employ a detective. Unlike TV, small police departments in the real world can’t call in Quantico every time they need a hard drive analyzed.

Large cities, like Milwaukee or Madison, along with some County Sheriff’s Departments, might have their own digital forensics labs. The State of Wisconsin Department of Justice analyzes hundreds, if not thousands of computers every year, and the FBI has crime labs in large cities across the country.

These crime labs aren’t always accessible to smaller communities and police forces.

Wisconsin Digital Private Detective

Spindletop Investigations recently helped a local police department access a phone which had been password locked. The police had the phone in evidence for nine months but had no way of getting past the password interface.

In less than an hour, Spindletop Investigations retrieved all of the data on the phone including texts, e-mails, call logs and more than 4000 photos and images. All of these files contained some form of geo-location data, as well. Without our help, this local police department might never have unlocked the evidence they needed to proceed with their investigation.

Backlogs, bureaucratic delays and jurisdictional priority block the access of small police departments and sheriff’s offices to the information they need to put criminals behind bars.

Spindletop Investigations helps bridge the technology gap between modern criminals and the police departments protecting our small towns and communities.

Computer Forensics Expertise for Wisconsin Police Departments

Spindletop Investigations will help any law enforcement agency supplement their investigations by providing affordable, industry-leading digital and computer forensic examinations.

Digital forensics has become an invaluable law enforcement tool, providing case-breaking leads and hard evidence in police investigations nationwide.

This past September, a Georgia man was charged with murder for leaving his 22-month-old son in a hot car, after a digital forensic examination revealed he had been actively searching for terms related to hot car deaths online. Investigators found Justin Ross Harris had also visited websites promoting a “child-free lifestyle” and sought out tips on how to survive in prison.

Furthermore, they found that 33-year-old Harris had been exchanging sexually explicit messages with several women, including an underage girl.

Without this digital evidence, it would be almost impossible for prosecutors to puncture holes in Harris’ claims he simply forgot to drop the boy off at daycare.

Access to critical evidence should not be limited to the few departments which can afford the investment in state-of-the-art digital forensics equipment, software and training. Waiting for the state crime lab to catch up to your case lets criminals walk the streets when they should be behind bars.

Spindletop Investigations Brings the Digital Forensics Lab to Law Enforcement

Digital Intelligence computer forensic workstation

When you call in Spindletop Investigations, we bring the crime lab to you. There’s no need to worry about chain of custody, or lost or missing evidence. Forensic imaging and live acquisitions are handled on-site and under your supervision. We use the industry’s most trusted and reliable tools to preserve courtroom-admissible evidence, using advanced digital safeguards against tampering.

Our Milwaukee private detective agency is fully licensed and bonded with the State of Wisconsin, and strictly adheres to all applicable state statutes and legal responsibilities.

Spindletop Investigations helps private individuals, businesses, law firms and law enforcement agencies leverage digital data hidden within Windows or Mac hard drives, iPhones and iPads, USB thumb drives, Android smartphones and tablets, data CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays.

We dig below the user interface to recover deleted files and photos, e-mails and text messages. Our advanced mobile forensics software can even pinpoint GPS coordinates corresponding to digital activity on mobile devices and stand-alone navigation units.

Don’t let criminals walk just because you don’t have the tools you need to nail them. Trust Spindletop to handle all of your digital forensic investigations, and ask about our special rates for law enforcement.

Contact the Wisconsin digital forensic examiners helping police departments slam the door on criminal offenders.


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